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Daniel Marin

About me

I can help you with over 25 years of experience in network marketing and advertising. I already have several businesses running. My favorite is DCC that I joined, as a founder, and am making money with it since 2015. You can see my site at

I also love collecting coins with and My latest project, still under work is

Something new is coming in 2021 and will solve all my advertising and managing problems. Not only that but it is a stand alone business by itself.

Not sure, have questions?

I can certainly help and guide you so you don't waste your money on scams and opportunities that will not last a year.

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The cost of the founder position is 97 US dollars (as of February 1st). At launch there will be a minimal purchase of around 200 US dollar (this will automate our recruiting). That is all you will need to do for a life time business on autopilot.

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33 Trafford Lane Ottawa Ontario Canada

1 613 304 9032